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October 30, 2021

Ugly Dumpling

"Global fusion dumplings in the heart of London" - Ugly Dumpling

With decorated chopstick stickers adorning the entire walls, plenty of lights and bright accessories used for serving, Ugly Dumpling is the modern equivalent of a classic roast-dinner serving pub. With the clue in it's name, the dumplings served here are unique and not always spectacularly beautiful, but definitely fun of flavour. Perfect for those wanting lighter bites, it's a hidden gem in the middle of Carnaby Street and perfect for popping into for a colourful break away from shopping.

Sweet dumplings on rectangular bright plate
The Sweet Platter

Not what you might think...

"Dumplings to suit every taste" - Ugly Dumpling

So, if you're a keen Chinese food-fan, then you might be in for a culture shock here. Moving away from traditional recipes, these dumplings are unexpectedly modern, with trios and platters suitable for all diets and tastes. For an absolute bargain of a price, you can choose an almost-vegetarian selection of 'New Favourites' (including pizza margherita, Spring Roll and mushroom & truffle) or stick to the classics (including Spinach and Tofu), whilst finishing on a sweeter note (including Pecan Pie, Banana and Cinnamon and Nutella). You may be thinking, why would I choose any of these in a dumpling form, but every single option is really delicious - each dumpling is stuffed with just the right filling so that each healthy mouthful is brimming with flavour.

Savoury Dumpling Platter on bright pink plate
Savoury Dumpling Platter

And even if these dumplings weren't enough for you, or you really wanted to try a bit of everything, there is a short but sweet selection of sides for you, including Tempura Aubergine (which is truly fantastic, especially when combined with the chilli dipping sauce), Ugly Noodles (which are better in real life...) and a Daikon Salad.

Tempura Aubergine in Ugly Dumpling
Tempura Aubergine Side

So Close, yet So Far

Just because Liberty's is a four minute walk away, not everything in Carnaby is classically English. However, Ugly Dumpling doesn't stick out like a sore thumb - it blends into the fellow surroundings beautifully with it's love of bright colours, it's desire to try something new and the need to introduce visitors to alternative ways of living. You'll notice the restaurant immediately with it's bright turquoise doors and funky interiors, and feel welcome as soon as you walk through. The service is also incredibly friendly and very fast (great for if you are entering with a hangry stomach!).

Ugly Dumpling Entrance on Newbugh Street
Ugly Dumpling, Newburgh Street, Carnaby
Drinks cabinet with glazed doors in bright interior

Why would you not?

"From Asian street snack to easy dining experience" - Ugly Dumpling

If you're looking for something new, or are trying to make an unexpected choice, then Ugly Dumpling is the one for you. Even if you aren't able to splash out, it's a great place for getting a filling meal and drink for less than £20 per head, making it an ideal spot for slightly younger city-day visitors. It really is worth a visit, you'll be surprised by how tasty the food is, even if you're not technically a dumpling fan...