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Hi! I'm Josie and I'm the author and creator of The Heavenly Veggie.co.uk. As a vegetarian of 23 years and a new plant-based enthusiast, I've had a strong passion for delicious food ever since I was born. I absolutely love the feeling of being just completely absorbed by the amazing food you may be eating, and I'm passionate about sharing recipes with you that will hopefully make you feel exactly the same way!

I was introduced to great grub from an early age. My mother taught me how to cook (we called our kitchen 'Viv's Cafe' back then) and over the years instilled in me the importance of home-cooked food that was nutritious and wholesome, and I loved watching and learning from her. There was something about getting your hands covered in flour whilst making our own pastry, or still smelling the scent of basil on your fingertips after mixing them into your tomato sauce. More importantly though, our meals were not filled with additives, sugar or processed ingredients. Luckily for me, she had a big emphasis and desire to cook well for her growing family, and to this day I am so grateful for the huge amounts of effort that both my parents put into making sure that both me and my younger brother had healthy meals on the table every day. It's only been in the last five years where I've really understood just how special this education was.

“Good food leads to a good life”

Not only did I love eating delicious food at home, but I so enjoyed eating out with friends and family at fantastic local restaurants and cafes - a hobby I still have to this very day! However, as I got older I started to notice how vegetarian options are not as varied on menus as they were at home, and how limited plant-based meals could be in pubs and gourmet hang-outs. It became more of an effort to find a cool new spot for lunch with a friend, or a celebratory meal with a loved one in the evening. This fuelled my desire to really EXPERIMENT at home and a lot of recipes on this blog reflect these crazy times, so hopefully you will enjoy them just as we do. You will also find some of my favourite recommendations for vegetarian and vegan places to eat out, not only to help you find a new spot but to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT local businesses that are really EXCELLING at making such incredible food.

I really believe it's so super important that we start changing our eating habits, for our health and for the planet. I recently discovered that I am unable to digest cow's milk, and since removing it from my diet, I have started to notice a significant change in how my body feels, runs and looks. Knowing how strong, nurtured and protected your body can feel from fresh produce and healthy ingredients is a feeling that you absolutely cannot beat. And, knowing the benefit that this way of eating has for our planet and it's atmosphere is such an incredible turn-on. I strongly feel that it is time for us to really think about WHAT we're eating, WHY we are eating it and HOW this is affecting the world we live in. Hopefully, my recipes will show you that you can still cook the old classics you've always loved and eat plenty of flavourful meals, but protect the planet for yourself and future generations at the same time.

I'm super keen to hear what you think, and am incredibly passionate about creating a positive space that is INSPIRING, encouraging and supporting. Living and eating well should be something that is EXCITING, and hopefully this blog will capture your attention in many more ways than one...

Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, I'd love to hear from you...

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