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October 30, 2021

The Stump

Fun, funky and family-friendly

Need a place to go that's quirky, great for family and friendly-gatherings, full of character and with a menu serving fantastic grub that everyone will enjoy? You need to go to The Stump, and you need to go there as quickly as you can. Located just outside of Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, it's a fabulous hotel and eatery, hiding as a classic roadside inn.

Calling All Pizza Lovers!

"Pizza, pasta and craft beer." - Stump Pub

If you are like me, a.k.a. a bit of a pizza snob, and you like to gorge yourself on pizzas that are genuinely worth eating, then I seriously recommend this pub to you. Deliciously doughy, all are hand and freshly made and are absolutely delectable. The tomato base is sweet and earthy, and the toppings are abundant and full of flavour, bringing a sensational soft bite to the crispy smoked base. Even though the range of choice isn't enormous, you also have the chance to add extra ingredients or switch up any existing creations in whatever way you like - and the list of these extra ingredients is much more substantial. You can also choose from a mix of bases (including gluten-free) to suit any dietary requirements, and the staff and chefs are more than willing to be completely flexible.

Freshly made pizzas on wooden slated table
Slice of pizza held above table with other pizzas
Goats Cheese, Caramelised Onions, Tomato, Rocket and Balsamic Pizza

And even if plenty of pizza isn't your thing, you needn't worry. They also have a range of pasta and salad plates available, and the antipasti and starter choices are just as delicious. Again, also are freshly made on the spot, and just as full of herby aromas and deliciously tender ingredients that are prepared to partner perfectly together. If you are hungry enough, I strongly recommend the Olive Oil, Rosemary and Sea Salt Flatbread, along with the Smoked Almonds, Mushroom Croquettes and Charred Peppers with Burrata - your mouth will be happily squealing with excitement!

Fingers of flatbread on white place on pub table
Olive Oil, Rosemary and Sea Salt Flatbread with Smoked Almonds

Not just a pretty face

As well as serving impressively good food, this pub is also a hotel and a great place to hang. Again, the selection is not generous in quantity, but you can be utterly sure that you won't be compromised on the aesthetic experience or the quality of your stay.

Greenery decorating inside seating area of pub

Simple, but good.

"An ancient roadside inn" - The Stump

With it's humble beginnings, the interior design of each room reflects the very classic story of this particular residence. Immensely comfortable, you have everything you need, and there is still certainly a feel of luxury (just, albeit, on a less grande scale). Most of the rooms have ensuites, and amenities that will keep you perfectly cared for during your stay, and each room has a little something special to make you smile.

Orange and greenery decoration at bar in pub with orange light

This theme is not just prevalent in the rooms. All throughout the pub, there are little features and decorations that bring plenty of character and joy to the guests. Whether you are enjoying a drink at the bar, or dining inside in front of the gardens, there are plenty of quirky things for you to see...

Red neon Bar and Fred sign underneath greenery

Charm and Character

With it's fabulous location, you'll be able to enjoy a lovely night out, surrounded with lots of greenery and fresh air. Despite not having any significant gardens of its own, you don't feel as if you are trapped in an urban environment due to roaming fields encircling the pub and the gentle noise of birdsong. The result, a calming atmosphere that's similar to your own home, but with charming strings of lights and unpretentious garden features. If you choose to go in summer, you will also find the bloom of roses welcoming you, with their delicate floral scents.

Pink roses in bloom with blurry pub background
Outside seating area for the Stump Pub

Enjoyment at Ease

Trust me, this is a brilliant place to be. It's relaxed, it's got a fantastically happy atmosphere and the staff are wonderfully welcoming. It may sound like a simple Cotswolds pub, but it's definitely a place to add to your bucket-list. It's good fun, without trying too hard. With brilliant, brilliant food.