Pubs & Gastros

March 12, 2022

The Masons Arms

Great Taste, Pure Class

If you're looking for a classic countryside pub, with stylish decor and traditional, but incredibly delicious, English food, then you need to visit The Masons Arms in South Leigh, Oxfordshire. Cosy, colourful and good fun, it's a perfect place to go for some good food and friendly hospitality.

bright pink neon sign in restaurant

The Artist Residence Story

"An eccentric bunch of fun and friendly places to eat, drink and sleep" - Artist Residence

With a fantastically creative backstory, the Artist Residence is a group who strive to constantly construct a fun atmosphere, with plenty of colour, culture and calmness. Their very first spot in Brighton was decorated by artists in return for their board, and the mix of characters and tastes all descended into a space, ultimately starting off the family based business. Now expanding to other locations, including Pimlico, Penzance and Bristol, the team are brilliant at building fun and enlightening places to be, that make you feel free and nurtured at the same time.

Such Good Food

"All day hangouts" - Artist Residence

With the idea of each residence being a 'home away from home', the menus for this countryside inn really are traditionally perfect, and remind you of delicious dishes that you'd cook yourself to make you feel content and cosy. With five to choose from, each menu really showcases the talents of the team, whilst also focusing on seasonal ingredients that have been prepared to really make the ingredients shine. There are classic options, such as (the best) Halloumi Fries and fresh Focccia, as well as other exciting and bold dishes to really get you going. And the Sunday lunch menu is contemporary and fun, and just as satisfying. And when I tell you that the quality of the food is absolutely exceptional, you'll find the pudding menu an absolute gem...

Sunday roast dinner lunch on round plate on wooden table
Smoked Almond and Root Vegetable Nut Roast, Sunday Lunch
Yorkshire pudding, kale and roast potatoes on plate

Just a Fun Place to be

As well as having an enticing backstory, incredibly delicious food and stylish interiors, The Masons Arms is just a great place to go. The staff are incredibly welcoming and hospitable, who really go the extra mile to make sure you feel happy and relaxed - so much so that they bought out a birthday surprise when we visited which was super lovely. You feel like you are surrounded by family, and that's the charm of the place.

One top tip - make sure you book in advance. Rightfully so, it gets busy quickly, and if you're wanting to go for Sunday lunch, expect to need to make a reservation. (But also get exited for a delicious dinner...)