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October 30, 2021

Linnaean Living

A pleasant disruption

Located in Nine Elms and a short walk away from the US Embassy, Linnaean Living is a calming and enchanting destination, cleverly designed to distract you from the busy city and bring you back to a state of serenity. A beautifully decorated place, it encompasses many different lifestyle elements that will make you feel pampered and nourished throughout, and leave feeling like a whole new person.

Floral designed cafe at Linnaean Living
The Cafe at Linnaean

Strong Foundations

"Your local world to nourish, adapt and grow" - Linnaean Living

Founded by Elena Tayleur, Linnaean's plan is to "promote a life of (natural) health and happiness" alongside the current modernity of iving in chaotic and busy environments. With a strong emphasis on taking time to recuperate and relax, and refuelling your body with the love and nurture it needs, everything about Linnaean breathes the idea of the importance of taking the time to keep your own self the very best it can be. You may be thinking, this sounds like just another spa in the city, but it's a completely different vibe.

Inspired by the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, the whole aesthetic of the destination is cleverly designed to make you think about how we fit into the world around us. With a cafe serving a completely plant-based menu, and a nail salon promoting non-toxic products, it's al about understanding and identifying our role as a species on the Earth, and the measures we must take to preserve our special home (and just how good this life can be).

Floral ceiling of Linnaean
The gorgeous floral ceiling display at Linnaean Living

Not just looking good

Whilst everything about Linnaean is a stunning vision to look at (the floral themed cafe being a perfect example), the service provided is truly exceptional. Friendly faces greet you the minute you enter, help and advice is just a glance away and (more importantly!) the food is truly mouth-watering. With a menu that reflects the seasons, and an extremely talented team of chefs, everything is put together with formulas to make you feel sustained and satisfied, but in the best possible way. The cafe also showcases the way forward with it's artisanal approach, working with a zero-waste and sustainable pattern.

Close-up of a vegan stuffed aubergine dish with fresh leafy herbs
Bayildi roasted stuffed aubergine with cashew béchamel, vegan mince, toasted walnuts and pomegranate

And please don't think that just because the menu is plant-based there will be a limited selection of choices available, or there will be a lack of flavour presented in each dish. Each meal features ingredients that are cooked in the way that shows them best, presented with a flair that exudes respect and adoration. It is all nutritious, succulent and abundant with extraordinary taste, and the menu will effortlessly please anyone and everyone.

Close up of trifle in small round dish with water glass behind it
Pineapple, basil and cinnamon biscuit trifle with 70% dark chocolate

Cool vibes, man

"Forever hunting for innovation that will stand us out from the crowd" - Linnaean Living

Don't just think that this is a great cafe though. With some of the best hairdressers, doctors and spa therapists, every single staff member's goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Freedom of expression is a key value here and the specialists have plenty of background experience, from previous roles as art directors, helping at designer fashion shows and photoshoots to working on popular entertainment shows. Whilst you will need a little extra cash (or shall I say card) at hand, the experience will be second to none, with the interior design of each experience built to make you feel good.

Pink hairdressing salon with bright round lights and plump pink chairs
Hairdressing Salon, with Senior Style Director Tony

An experience

A perfect venue, and an albeit luxurious necessity for living in the frantic modern world, Linnaean provides the essential calming transition that we all need (and want!). If you're after a relaxing break, or a sophisticated and glamorous health outing, visit Linnaean and come away feeling like the inner god or goddess you deserve to be. (Sorry, too cheesy - but it's true...)