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January 24, 2022

Le Pain Quotidien

If you’re like me and you love to go out for brunch and breakfasts, then Le Pain Quotidien should be somewhere on your list of places to go. Despite being a popular chain of cafes and restaurants, this doesn’t diminish the fact that their food is always super delicious, the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming and the brands aesthetics are modern and stylish. Think freshly baked breads and pastries filling the cafes with their glorious aromas, bottled-green glass tiles mixed with chunky decorated wooden accessories and just abundant friendliness from the staff - it’s definitely one of my favourite places to go for reliably good breakfast that isn’t going to break the bank.

"Sitting together around the idea of pleasure" - Le Pain Quotidien

When choosing what to order from the menu takes longer than you thought it would, you know it’s a good menu. Whilst I always tend to take longer than the average person (new year, same problem!), I always end up debating too long because I know that each option is just as delicious as the other, and I think this problem of knowing what to choose is a good problem… If you’re after something lighter and fruity, then the ‘Overnight Oats’ is a brilliant option (think soya yoghurt, granola, fresh figs, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds drizzled with maple syrup), whilst is you’re s savoury lover then the different varieties of ‘Baked Eggs’ are also always great. Washed down with freshly blended smoothies or proper coffees, you’ll be having the ideal breakfast.

overnight oats and cinnamon roll on restaurant table top
Overnight Oats with Vegan Cinnamon Roll

And even if you’re not staying in to eat, Le Pain Quotidien will tempt you with freshly made loaves, stuffed sandwiches and sweet treats that will make your mouth water with excitement. Whether this be blueberry spelt muffins, vegan red velvet cupcakes or their classic brownies, there is something for everyone. In fact, I dare you to walk in and come away without something (I’m warning you, it will be difficult!)

freshly made sandwiches at counter top
takeaway cake counter top in restaurant

"The shared appreciation of delicious food and good company" - Le Pain Quotidien

Established and designed to spread warmth and joy, the interior design of each of the cafes isn’t startling enough to distract guests from the flavour of their food, but it’s comfortable and stylish enough to make you aware that you’re in a nice place. Even though each location will be different, expect to see works of arts made from recycled books, old wooden staircase railings used as shelves and walls covered in chic wooden panelling. It’s contemporary with a French twist, which can never hurt.

cafe serving deli section