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October 30, 2021


The Sunny Side of Oxford

Situated perfectly in the middle of Cowley Road, this friendly and vibrant little hub is a vividly fun Tapas restaurant, offering exceptional food for a bargain.

Students eating in Spanish restaurant

Spanish roots

"Eat, Drink, Relax. Take a holiday in Oxford" - Kazbar

With a North African decor, showcasing vintage props in plenty of bright and rich tones, you instantly feel like you've stumbled into another country. Fantastically decorated, it transports you to holidays in warmer climates, filled with lots of love, good music and relaxed sunset evenings. Head to the bar inside for a scenery that reminds you of a Spanish dance spot, mixed with Captain Jack Sparrow's ship!

Decorated bar in Kazbar restaurant

Even the toilets are themed like they have been picked out of Aladdin's world. Vivid coloured mosaics and gold lines make it such a fun experience, with delicate scents bringing you back to the world.

Mosaiced-tiled sink in bathroom with navy blue

Terrific Tapas

Offering a wide range of options to suit every appetite, the main tip here is to order plenty. Typically small portioned-sized, the best possible thing to do is to order everything that you get excited by, and share (if you're willing!) with your friends. The other thing to take into consideration is that every single option is just stupidly delicious, so you're going to want more and more as the evening moves on.

"Beautifully hand made food and delicious cocktails" - Kazbar
Basket of bread and tapas dishes on wooden table

Like any sane person would do, it is essential for you to order the fresh local bread any anything you want to dip these in. But then, I urge you, go crazy and experiment with new dishes you may never had tried before, because every dish is exciting, unexpected and so appetizing. I strongly recommend the Pimientos and the Giant Butter Beans, finished with the classic dessert of Churros.

Churros on round white dish on wooden table

Top tip no.3 - make sure you are washing all this delicious for down with delicious cocktails!! The absolute must-haves are the Sangria and Margaritas, which are tasty but quite strong. Then see where the wind takes you...

Margarita drink in front of tapas food on wooden table