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October 30, 2021

Em's Kitchen

If you're going to Edinburgh for the first time, or are on a girls weekend away and need something aesthetically fitting and leasing, then Em's Kitchen is the one for you. With an unmissable front (it is pink!!) and a satisfactory menu, it's a cute little cafe for breakfast with the gang or brunch with a friend.

The Brilliant Breakfast (and Cocktail) Bar
"Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch" - Em's Kitchen

Be in no doubt about it, this is the place to go to for brilliant food in the earlier parts of the day. On arrival you will see how popular it is with the locals, and once you're eating you will definitely see why. The menu isn't generous, but its innovative and has definitely added it's own special touch, with portions that are just perfect and a very complimentary drinks list. If you are happy with lots of sweetness in the morning, then I seriously recommend trying the Biscoff pancakes (pictured below) but their Eggs Benedict is just as delicious.

Marcerated Berries with Biscoff and Mascarpone
"An interior is the natural projection of the soul" - Coco Chanel

Even with the food being exceptionally tasty, what makes this spot even more attractive than other brunch cafes in the city is that it's a glorious place to be in. If you're into floral spaces, and chic and modern interior design, then this is definitely the place for you. Despite being a vision in pink (it really is very pink!), even male eyes are captivated by the decadence of the floral wall and relaxed with the delicately modern accessories balancing the space. It's certainly feminine, and certainly a girly choice, but even the strictest partners will enjoy this cafe. You feel at peace, whilst happy in such a creative space, and get a true appreciation for the vision of the brand.

The Floral Pink Wall