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March 12, 2022

Chin Chin Ice Cream Labs

"We had stumbled on the future of ice cream." - Chin Chin Labs

I wouldn't blame you if you've never heard of Chin Chin Ice Cream Labs. I hadn't either until I listened to the Off Menu podcast (if you don't listen to this, you need to! It's absolutely brilliant!) But OMG is it know one of my favourite places to go. Every time I'm in London I take someone new and every single person becomes obsessed, and for a good reason. Think the best ice cream you'll ever have, and then having the chance to build your own ice cream sundaes with combinations you never even thought of - I'm talking Banana Milk, Rhubarb Panna Cotta, Tonka Bean and Parsnip White Chocolate Chip ice cream flavours, with the options of having Bee Pollen Honeycomb, Hazelnut Sand, Truffle Crumb and/or Glossy Cherries as toppings. Honestly, it's so exciting and dreamy, and you'll end up picking something you couldn't have imagined.

takeaway ice cream puddings in hands
Sundae Pots (options listed below)

Desserts shown above:

  • 1 scoop Sundae of Banana Milk Ice Cream, with Molten Chocolate Crack, Truffle Crumble, Hazelnut Sand and Glossy Cherries
  • 1 scoop Sundae of Sticky Toffee Cake, Tonka Bean Ice Cream and Grilled White Chocolate
  • 1 scoop Sundae of Sticky Toffee Cake, Burnt Butter Caramel Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Something a Little Different

"Our mission is to make life more fun." - Chin Chin Labs

I honestly think that sometimes it's so important to just relax and have fun, especially when it comes to having great food with friends. And that is what drives Chin Chin Labs. They want to make you smile, remind you of flavourful memories, transport you on culinary adventures that you haven't been on yet. As they say, "A happy moment is the only real mission; that's what matters babes." Starting in a crumbling shop in Camden, they started making ice cream churned by hand with liquid nitrogen, resulting in ice cream that tasted and had a texture like no other. Everything is an expression of fun. The shops in Camden and Soho are light-hearted and fun places to be, and you know you'll never find another pop-in like them anywhere else.

ice cream pudding sundae
Sticky Toffee Cake, Burnt Caramel Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce Sundae

Expect colour, BIG flavours and lots of happiness. Because that is what you're getting. (And also expect to take a long time choosing what you want...)